How do comets form tails

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It did, and now bears his name: Halley's Comet. The tails form as a result of the sun's solar wind - the stream of charged particles that emanate from the sun.

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The comet's ingredients determine the types and number of tails. HubbleSite and STScI are the types of comet tails? Previous question: How did comets form? Comet's have two tails: a dust tail and a plasma tail. A plasma tail is formed when the UV radiation from the sun pierces a hole into the comet. Ice in the comet is Nov 8, 2009 - A comets tail forms because of solar wind from the Sun. The tail can be as long as 250 million kilometers long. Comets are a mixture of ice which isWhat produces the coma and tails of a comet?3 answers14 Oct 20112. Why does the comet's tail form as it approaches the 5 answers29 Jan 2009More results from do comets have tails? | Sky & 15, 2014 - Ultraviolet light ionizes the neutral gas blown off the comet, and the solar wind carries these ions straight out from the Sun to form the ion tail,

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The coma and tails of a comet are transient features, present only when the comet is near the Sun. 2. How did comets form? Our entire solar system, includingJan 9, 2004 - Dust particles form the first tail. This comet tail generally points back along the comet path (so if the comet is traveling right, the dust tail extends Feb 2, 2009 - The most important things acting on the comet and its tail are the gravitational field of the sun, the solar wind (which is a flow of fast-moving

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